Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sauce for the goose and all that

This posting is about that sorry excuse for a news organization, Fox News. I should rather call them Fox Propaganda Machine. I'm linking you to an article entitled "Will John Moody be Forced Out of Fox Like Dan Rather from CBS?" The answer, obviously is "no". But check out the reason the question was asked:

Four producers for Dan Rather were fired when they did not double check documents they used in a "60 Minutes II" piece about Bush's service in the National Guard. Eventually, Rather was moved out of the anchor desk and pushed out of CBS entirely. Most of this was based on the perception that they were slanting a story.

The independent panel selected to investigate the National Guard story said they
found no evidence of a political agenda against Bush, but that the documents should have been more thoroughly vetted.

Now, we have an instance of Fox News Channel clearly and indisputably slanting their whole lineup of news against the Democratic Party
in an internal memo sent by the Vice President of News, John Moody. Instead of covering the Republican losses in the elections, they choose to focus on, and in some cases invent, stories of how insurgents might be emboldened by the Democratic victory. They push the story line of Democratic infighting on a day that had bitter Republican finger pointing on who was responsible for their momentous losses. And they call a Democratic legislator a "political hack."

Now imagine if the Vice President of News of any of the networks had called an elected Republican a political hack? What do you think the reaction would be by conservatives? Is there anyone who would make the argument that they wouldn't ask the person be fired immediately? Why should Fox "News" Channel be held to a different standard?

Ha! Because they don't even pretend to be objective, that's why.

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