Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Those fraudulent "robo-calls"

I wrote to you yesterday about how Republicans are making annoying robo-calls pretending to be Democrats and calling people all night long with the objective of pissing off voters so they don't vote for the Democrats. Well, it gets worse. Look at what John Aravosis of AMERICAblog says:

Now [in Nebraska] the Republicans are actually using Democrat Scott Kleeb's voice and calling people several times an hour in order to harass them, and tick them off against Kleeb. This has been happening across the country simultaneously. It's been happening in states where the Republican party hired a specific company that makes these kind of calls. This is a coordinated nationwide effort by the Republican party to suppress voting through fraud.

They are also calling Democrats and telling them that their polling place has changed. They have sent out flyers to poor neighborhoods saying "Skip This Election" and voters have called election boards asking if the election has been cancelled. They have worked to purge voter lists of likely Democratic voters. There is no low to which these slimy people will not sink, I'm afraid.

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