Monday, September 15, 2008

Eliminating war

Ah. This quote is new to me. And it's so good:

The only way we eliminate war is to love our children more than we hate our enemies.

Golda Meir


  1. Hi Ellie! Nice to meet you and I LOVE your blog (which I've just found).

    Just read through some of the recent posts, and I agree with you 1000000% on everything! I'm not kidding.

    Even though I've been away from Alaska for 8 years now, I still follow the politics. When I found out the Frank (The Bank) Murkowski lost his primary battle to a "lady" from Wasilla I was happy. Then I researched her... I got very very scared and immediately got my absentee ballot in for Tony.

    Now that she's the repub vp candidate, I can safely tell you that the whole rest of the world is just as scared as I was a couple of years ago.

    Anyways, if you want some humour, parrot pics, roo pics, and other pics of Aussie critters to help lighten up your day then feel free to stop by anytime.

    I'll be reading your blog every morning now!

    cheers from Oz,

  2. Hello, Dave. How nice to have you stop by and I'm delighted you plan to come back.

    Yes, it's all very troubling, isn't it?

    I know what it's like to live as an ex-pat. I've lived in both Ireland and South Africa. And coming back to the States is as big an adjustment as getting used to a new country, let me tell you!

    I'll take a look at your blog.

    Hang in there. (We all need to...)


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