Friday, September 12, 2008

Something important about the fundies

Oh my goodness. I think this is for real:

1) WORKING-CLASS FUNDAMENTALISTS (by working-class I mean fundie doctors, lawyers, graphic designers, cat therapists, shoemakers, cooks who run their own family restaurants, mechanics, TV actors, and even middle management) are folks who believe that humans are innately sinful. To them, we are all tempted by Satan into pedophilia, rape, theft, homosexuality and murder. Christians probably more so, because they're a bigger catch for Satan. This is why it is okay that Larry Craig had a 'homosexual moment of weakness' but it isn't okay that Barney Frank lives life proud to be who he is. What is important in the Fundamentalist Republican worldview is not the act (which is always forgiven) but the CREED. They literally care about what is SAID, not what is DONE. One is not expected to live up to one's ideals in this ideology. THUS THEY ARE NEVER HYPOCRITES.

Read the rest of it here. I mean it. Go read all of it. It's good. And very thought provoking.

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