Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Headline of the day

Okay. Here's a headline for you:

"Helen Thomas was Wrong — But You’d Think She’d Killed 9 People or Destroyed Our Coastline"

And here's a brief excerpt:

... [O]ne can’t help thinking that the grande dame of the White House press corps would have gotten less grief if she’d purposely cheated the financial system and took taxpayer money to recover, or killed eleven and destroyed an ecosystem in an avoidable deep water drilling disaster, or let 29 men die in a push for more mining profits. Or shot nine men dead — in the head — in international waters.

It's from a short piece - more a comment than an article. You can read the rest of it right here.

Um, yeah. Even if you think Helen Thomas was indisputably wrong, there's such a thing as proportionality.

And here's another thought worth considering:

While Thomas' remarks were incredibly insensitive, many male, conservative pundits have said far worse—and kept their jobs to offend another day. There's not only a double standard concerning how our media covers the fraught relationship between Israel and Palestine, but with how, in this era of punditocracy, a woman with impressive credentials and a history of speaking her mind can be brought down so quickly.

It's from a brief piece called "Was a Double Standard at Play for Helen Thomas?" published by the Care2 folks.

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