Monday, June 07, 2010

Current status of the "religious right"

I want to call your attention to an article entitled "The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger" by Chris Hedges. I've admired the writings of Chris Hedges for quite some years now and this piece does not disappoint. Here's how it gets started:

Tens of millions of Americans, lumped into a diffuse and fractious movement known as the Christian right, have begun to dismantle the intellectual and scientific rigor of the Enlightenment. They are creating a theocratic state based on “biblical law,” and shutting out all those they define as the enemy. This movement, veering closer and closer to traditional fascism, seeks to force a recalcitrant world to submit before an imperial America. It champions the eradication of social deviants, beginning with homosexuals, and moving on to immigrants, secular humanists, feminists, Jews, Muslims and those they dismiss as “nominal Christians”—meaning Christians who do not embrace their perverted and heretical interpretation of the Bible. Those who defy the mass movement are condemned as posing a threat to the health and hygiene of the country and the family. All will be purged.

And here's another excerpt I really want you to see:

The movement is, for many, an emotional life raft. It is all that holds them together. But the ideology, while it regiments and orders lives, is merciless. Those who deviate from the ideology, including “backsliders” who leave these church organizations, are branded as heretics and subjected to little inquisitions, which are the natural outgrowth of messianic movements. If the Christian right seizes the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, these little inquisitions will become big inquisitions.

Big inquisitions.

Let us not think that it can't happen here.

So far, this article (in the reprint on Common Dreams) has generated 216 comments. I think it really touched a nerve and a deep concern.


  1. I spent much of my youth in the company of such people. They are relentless, driven, dedicated and we should not ignore them. (They are also mostly brainwashed puppets but have no clue that this is the case.) You cannot reason with them.

    For heaven's sake, people, teach the next generation to think critically!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "For heaven's sake, people, teach the next generation to think critically!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Amen and amen.

  3. I echo both of you.


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