Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The late, great career of Helen Thomas

I have struggled - truly I have - to know what I think about the Helen Thomas upset. And I just don't know. I can see it from a number of different points of view. However, I must say I appreciated this comment after a CNN article about the matter:

Maybe President Obama should hold an apology conference and have the Rabbi and Ms Thomas over to the White House for a beer.

-- Someone named Paul

There are actually a lot of thought provoking comments to that article, by the way.

I also can suggest called "In Defense of Helen Thomas - On Apologizing to Apologists" that, likewise, is followed by many comments (from all points of view) that may help us all think through the issues involved.
UPDATE: A reader emailed me in response to this post and sent along the following link:


I read it with interest and had had many of the same thoughts myself. See what you think.


  1. Exsperation...we all can have it!

  2. Hi, Leonardo. I've just posted an update (to the original post) with an interesting link.

  3. Sorry exasperation...I was tired and my eye is still healing...thanks for the new links...I LIKE HELEN THOMAS and think she was on ¨in cold blood¨ overload...how many ¨customized¨ rationalizations can one come up with for bloody murder? Lord knows Akinola, Orombi, Gomez and now Rowan Williams have worn Anglican patience down...who do these grandstanders think they are kidding? THOU SHALT NOT KILL!

  4. Yes, I figured as much, Leonardo!

    And good point about the overload.


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