Monday, June 21, 2010

"Some dreams are bad dreams."

Rachel Maddow said this in a commencement speech:

It is important to remember Prohibition because enacting it was a disaster for our nation, but it was a personal triumph for Carry Nation.

I would like to offer the hypothesis on this beautiful graduation day that personal triumphs are overrated. Someone at Yum! Brands this year achieved their personal triumph of getting KFC to remove the bun from a cheese and bacon sandwich and replace that bun with pieces of fried chicken. The Double Down sandwich designer’s
personal triumph. ...

Someone invented the payday loan. ...

All these people dreamed their dreams. Some dreams are bad dreams.

Gunning not just for personal triumph for yourself but for durable achievement to be proud of for life is the difference between winning things and leadership. ... It’s agreeing that you are part of something, taking as your baseline that you will not seek to reach your own goals by stepping on the neck of your community.

I really like the point about "the difference between winning things and leadership".

(Hat tip to David Ore who sent me the above excerpt.)

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