Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday, I was stopped at a red light behind a vehicle bearing the following vanity plate:


Hug your canine!

I think that's a marvelous idea.

If you don't have a canine to hug, visit a local shelter and find a dog who needs a forever home and will be a good companion for you.


  1. Sigh. I'd love a dog. I'd like nothing better than to visit the local rescue home and bring one home. I can't, though, I live on my own, and I'm hardly ever home, so it wouldn't be fair on the dog, and it wouldn't really be fair on my two pet birds either - they're happy and secure and probably wouldn't much like a dog around, I suspect.

    Ellie, do you have a dog?... In your pic you're holding a cat.

  2. I have a sweetheart of a chocolate lab named Tara. I'm about to run home quickly to take her out in just a minute!

    The cat in my picture is Leroy. I also have a medium hair tortoise-shell named Harriet.

    I'll post their pictures soon!

  3. Mine would have to read: "HGURKTS"

    At the present, I can only afford the food and medical expenses for my two cats. I don't believe it is fair to animals to take them on if you can't afford their maintenance. If my fortunes change, I would love to have a dog. In the past, there has almost always been a dog in this household as well as cats. If I happen upon a rescue beside the road there probably will be again whether I can afford him/her or not.

  4. Oh, I so get it, BooCat. After my beloved Izzy went to dog heaven a little over a year ago, I tried to get along without a dog because of the expense. But I realized that having a dog makes such a difference to my mental health that it's a false economy not to have one. Tara's previous human died; she's mature and low maintenance and she really needed a forever home. We love each other SO much! (And the cats tolerate her, bless their little kitty-cat hearts!)


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