Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"Not In Our Town"

Are you familiar with the movement referenced in the above headline?

If not, please go to the PBS website pages that are all about it.

Here's a brief introduction:

NOT IN OUR TOWN is a national movement that encourages community response to hate crimes. The project combines PBS broadcast, grassroots events, educational outreach and online activities to help communities battling hate talk to-and learn from-each other. Since 1995, NOT IN OUR TOWN has chronicled positive community organizing stories and provided practical tools to stimulate dialogue.

The original story is about about the residents of Billings, Montana who came together very powerful in opposition to an upsurge of hate activities in their town. I do recommend that you read the report because it is genuinely inspiring.

We need this inspiration, I think, given the appalling increase in hatefulness within political discourse since the election of President Obama.

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