Friday, April 02, 2010

Some easy ways we can all make a difference

There are seven "click to donate" sites I visit every day. I try to be particularly disciplined about this now that my income has gone down considerably and I'm not able to respond to as many charitable appeals as I would like.

This morning I found a really good reference page of many more click to donate sites than I knew about before. All this takes is a little time and dedication. And it works by volume. Please don't think "Oh, my click doesn't matter. It won't make any difference." You're right; it won't, if everyone takes that attitude. But if we all pitch in consistently, the difference will be huge.

Here's the page: Click to donate sites

And, remember: If you use GoodSearch as your search engine at least part of the time (and GoodShop when you order things online) and list St. John's Center for Spiritual Formation as your charity of choice, you will help us quite a bit!

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