Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The problem with capitalism

Here's just one example:

Mott's is in the money.

Their apple sauce and juice products are everywhere. Market share has grown. Their parent company earned $555 million in profits last year and their stock is up a whopping 180 percent since March 2009!

So Mott's should be rewarding its workers, right? Perhaps with a raise?

Apparently not. Like a playground bully, Mott's management just can't get enough.

They're not just keeping all those extra profits to themselves. They're actually trying to slash wages by as much as $2.50 per hour for employees at Mott's Williamson, NY, facility. And they're even trying to take away the workers' pension plan!
Mott's management has spent millions to build its wholesome public image, and they're counting on the media and consumers to miss the story.

The above is part of an email I received today from American Rights at Work. You can go right here to send a letter to the Mott's management about this issue.

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