Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another piece on "stealing Christmas"

In addition to the article I blogged below, I want to call your attention to one on Smirking Chimp entitled, "Christmas under attack: A manufactured crisis". What I really want you to see is this comment left by a reader:

Once again the "Christian" Right is showing it's true colors. Not content with having a church on every corner where they can practice their rituals without fear of government intervention or taxation; not content with the right to organize politically and influence elections; not content with the right to run Christian schools where they can indoctrinate their children to their hearts' content and discriminate on the basis of religion; not content with references to their god in the pledge of allegience or on our money and public buildings; not content with the opening of our Congressional sessions with prayer; not content with a President who is "born again" and who has gone to unprecedented lengths to support "faith based" organizations with taxpayer monies; not content with unprecedented religious influence in our military - no, they must inflict their religion upon everyone in the public arenas of our taxpayers' school system and meeting places; we must all ACKNOWLEDGE their god; we must all bow down to the CORRECTNESS of their beliefs. It is not enough that they have more religious freedom and more political power than they have ever had - it is not enough ! ANY attempt to diversify the holiday season to include all faiths, or no faith, any secularization of the holiday season constitutes an ATTACK on their faith and their god. We cannot celebrate without SAYING their god's NAME. WE MUST SAY THEIR GOD'S NAME !!!!!SAY IT !!!! SAY IT !!!

How stupid, how petty, how un-christian.

How petty, indeed. And it makes me not want to say "Merry Christmas" just to spite them!

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