Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Queen's Christmas message

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Something the Queen said today struck me powerfully. Here's the excerpt from a report by CNN entitled, "Queen delivers somber message":

She said that during this Christmas her "thoughts are especially with those everywhere who are grieving the loss of loved ones during what for so many has been such a terrible year."

The queen said that in Britain itself "many people's lives were totally changed by the London bombings in July" and she said "I have sometimes thought that humanity seemed to have turned on itself -- with wars, civil disturbances and acts of brutal terrorism."

She called the humanitarian response after the tragedies from "people of compassion" as "quite remarkable," noting that religious faith was the inspiration "in many cases" for such a reaction.

"Christianity is not the only religion to teach its followers to help others and to treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated yourself. It has been clear that in the course of this year relief workers and financial support have come from members of every faith and from every corner of the world."

"Humanity seems to have turned on itself". Yes, it does seem that way. The question is why. Why do we seem to be determined to destroy ourselves as a species? It grieves me profoundly to see what we are doing.

But there is a way through. Let us simply decide to do as much good as we can and accept that over which we are powerless with equanimity.

And let us support one another on the path.

Yuletide blessings to all.

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