Monday, December 19, 2005

What DON'T we know?

I've just discovered the web page of Grant Gerver. I've seen him quoted over on All Hat No Cattle from time to time but hadn't thought to do a search on him. Here's something he just said:

IT'S PERSONAL NOW: I saw President "Spying Liar" speaking with Jim Lehrer last night on PBS. I have never witnessed a bigger embarrassment in my life. Lehrer was unyielding about the NSA spying scandal, torture, the Patriot Act, DeLay, Libby, and "THE LEAK." Bush was a fidgeting mess. He was so non-credible you could tell HE didn't even believe his own bullshit. You just knew he was coached by Scott McClellan. How anyone in their right-wing mind could honestly believe and support this unpatriotic bastard of a president is seriously beyond my comprehension. How ANYONE could look at this tyrant and feel good about being an American would require an overdose of ecstacy. I am ashamed he is my President, I am ashamed for what he's done to our Country, and I am ashamed of what he has done to the World. Ladies and gentlemen: George Walker Bush is unquestionably the TERRORIST we must fear most. AND, knowing what we know now, WHAT DON'T WE KNOW?!

That's right. What DON'T we know???? It's really unnerving to think about it that way but I believe we must. This president is simply shredding the Constitution and not only does he not deny it, he's PROUD of it.

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