Friday, December 16, 2005

A former Republican speaks out.

Okay. Click right on through to Smirking Chimp and read this article - all of it. It's entitled, "Are we really this stupid?" and here's how it gets started:

The deficit is careening out of control. Health care costs are through the roof. We've started a disastrous war in Iraq that threatens the stability of the whole region. Osama bin Laden has never been caught. The 9/11 Commission says four years after the attacks on this country, we are failing to protect the American people.

And what are the Republicans talking about? Tax cuts that go largely to the upper class. The war on Christmas. The gay marriage amendment. Flag burning. Does anyone believe these are the real pressing concerns of the American people? Is our top problem that the rich don't have enough tax breaks?

I'm a former Republican and I understand the value of tax cuts and I am strictly opposed to class warfare. But are there no bounds of reason? We have record deficits that only promise to get worse. Our national debt is over eight trillion dollars! That means we owe over $27,000 for every man, woman and child in America. In the midst of this financial recklessness, the Republicans are passing even more tax cuts.

Last week, the Republican House voted for $95 billion of new tax cuts. This is fiscal insanity. They were so proud of themselves for tightening their belt on spending by cutting $50 billion in Medicaid, food stamps, and federal student loans. And I might have supported this if it were part of a package to truly balance the budget. But when they turned around and added $45 billion more to the deficit with their reckless tax cuts, their position became untenable.

These guys are like a bunch of spoiled kids who don't understand the concept of a budget. We desperately need some grown-ups back in government.

Mind you, I don't believe in screwing the poor in order to balance the budget but his point that the Republicans have become completely unreasonable is an important one. Then later the author says the following after first ranting about no-bid contracts and bribes:

The Democrats use to be the tax and spend party. Now, it looks like the Republicans are the tax and steal party. How much of this are we going to tolerate?

Apparently a lot, because God forbid we should have gays getting married or for someone to say "Holiday" instead of "Christmas." Are we really this stupid as a nation?

While this administration and Congress rob us blind and give hundreds of billions of tax cuts to the wealthiest among us, we sit around worrying about whether someone says Happy Holidays.

I hate to say it but, yes, we are really this stupid. It's embarrassing. And depressing as hell.

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