Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Michael Schiavo's PAC

Well, well, well. Michael Schiavo has formed a political action committee to defeat the kind of politicians who exploited his wife's medical condition for their own political gain. It's called Terri PAC and here's what it's for:

Named TerriPAC after his wife, the PAC will raise and spend funds to educate voters on where their elected officials stood when they had a choice between individual freedom and personal privacy and overreaching government action. TerriPAC is a federal political action committee and will be able to endorse or oppose candidates for federal office – including members of Congress.

TerriPAC will request donations through its Internet site ( from the majority of Americans who were horrified by the political intrusion in Michael’s personal family tragedy. will also encourage citizens to obtain advance medical directives (living wills) and allow voters to learn how their own members of Congress voted and their public comments on this issue.

“If our political leaders have taken no lessons from their shameless exploitation of Terri, and the public outcry against it, I have,” Schiavo said. “I have taken my sadness, anger and worry and channeled them into a personal resolution: I will do everything in my power to keep another unsuspecting American family from re-living our private national nightmare.”

Here's something else Schiavo said:

It would be easy to dismiss my actions as partisan. But I was a life-long Republican before Republicans pushed the power of government into my private family decisions. And it is not so simple to forget those politicians who shamelessly sought to squeeze political leverage out of my family’s most emotional hour.

I'm glad he's taking this action. More power to him.

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  1. I don't think you understand the case at all.

    The "intrusion" had to do with establishing Terri's rights to due process. Neither side in the court case was doing that.

    Too bad there have been a slew of lies about this case and unfortunately too many liberals have swallowed hook, line, and sinker the lies.

    Apparently it doesn't bother you that Mikey has always been out for money from the time he got the malpractice settlement.


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