Monday, December 26, 2005

The social reality of our country

Here's a comment from one of the threads on Eschaton I thought worthy of sharing:

Don't get me wrong. I like Reagan just as much as the next guy. But I would have liked it more when Ronnie got Altzheimers if he did not have any kind of health insurance and Nancy had to lose every fuckin' thing she owned to get him healthcare and poor healthcare at that. The kind where he would lie around in his own excrement for hours at a time getting bed sores. Like so many others do in the America he made. Then we could say, why didn't he plan for his future? Or why didn't he invest in this or that? And then do nothing whatsoever to help him other than to be critical of him. Now that would have been a just ending for that thing they once called the pResident.

And it's getting even worse under Bush. What causes a country to become so greedy and callous that it refuses to take care of its own people?

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