Friday, December 16, 2005

Head Start

I got this message from True Majority this morning:

Dear Ellie,

To fund tax cuts for millionaires, Congress is poised TODAY to remove 35,000 kids from HeadStart – widely regarded as one of the government’s most successful programs at lifting people out of poverty.

Two years ago, TrueMajorityACTION members swung into action and successfully stopped proposed cuts then. Amazingly, the budgeteers have chosen the Holiday Season to launch yet another attack on Head Start. So our friends at the National Head Start Association are mounting another defense of the kids living in poverty who benefit from this program.

Please take just a minute to check this out and take action. It’s fast, easy and the right thing to do this season.

Take Action

Duane PetersonTrueMajorityACTION

The summer between my freshman and sophomore years as an undergraduate I worked as a teacher's aide for Head Start. It is a wonderful program and does terrific things in enriching the lives of young children while preparing them for school. The very idea of cutting this program is beyond reprehensible.

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