Sunday, January 10, 2010

Helen Thomas - the champ

You know, I thought about blogging about this a few days ago when this press conference first came to my attention but, somehow, I didn't have the emotional energy for it. But now I feel compelled to because of a Salon article entitled "Helen Thomas Deviates From the Terrorism Script" by Glenn Greenwald. First a clip showing you Helen's question:

Now for some excerpts from the article:

Brennan's answer -- they do this because they're Evil and murderous -- is on the same condescending cartoon level as the "They-Hate-us-For-Our-Freedom" tripe we endured for the last eight years.
The evidence of what motivates Terrorism when directed at the U.S. is so overwhelming and undeniable that it takes an extreme propagandist to pretend it doesn't exist. What is Brennan so afraid of? It's true that religious fanaticism is a part of their collective motivation, but why can't he just say what's so obviously true: "they claim that the U.S. is interfering in, occupying and bringing violence to their
part of the world, they cite things like civilian deaths and our support for Israel and Guantanamo and torture, and claim that their terrorism is in retaliation"? Indeed, Brennan's boss, the President, has often claimed that things like Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib help Al Qaeda recruitment (and it
seems clear it was part of Abdulmutallab's hatred for the U.S.), so clearly U.S. actions are part of the motivation.

And here's a comment to the YouTube video above:

My God; she may be the last "good" news reporter alive.

This woman is eighty-nine years old. What an inspiration and an example for us all!

And now look at this comment:

It's simple. They can't answer the "motivation" question because the answer would point directly at US foreign policy. An analysis of the foreign policy would prove in a most glaring way that the war on terror is a fraud to provide an excuse for wars of imperial aggression to protect US dollar hegemony. That's why they won't touch the question.

I wonder if Obama really in his heart of hearts agrees with our foreign policy or if he's just trapped by the real powers in this country.... I'm convinced that there's a huge amount that's hidden from the ordinary person.


  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Thanks for the great update on Helen Thomas. What a woman!

    annie c

  2. Oh, go Helen. What are we going to do when you finally leave us? Are you training your successor? We should all pray that you are.

    my code word: begrany

  3. I know. I'm just so, so grateful that she has hung on THIS long.


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