Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No joy in Mudville

I got an email from the folks at TrueMajority this morning and here's part of what it said:

Last night Republican Scott Brown won election to the Senate seat that used to belong to Ted Kennedy. No way around it: That hurts. It undoes the tenuous 60-vote supermajority of Democrats in the Senate -- making it much harder to reform health care, fix the economy or tackle climate change.

Conservatives are already saying the lesson of the election is that voters don't want health care reform, so elected leaders should abandon their progressive principles and stop trying to solve our big problems. Nonsense. The state of Massachusetts *already* enacted health care reform, and workers say they like it -- so that can't be the reason.

If last night's election was a referendum on anything, it was about the weak-kneed, apologetic way some in Congress have negotiated away core principles over the past year. Ted Kennedy didn't do that. He was so loud and strong on our values that they called him the "liberal lion," and voters elected him again and again.

Send a message to Democratic leaders telling them "We need liberal lions, not moderate lambs."

I so agree. The Republican succeed by playing to their base. For some insane reason, Democrats seem to think we will succeed if we play to the REPUBLICAN base rather than to our own. It's just plain crazy.

You can make your voice heard right here.

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