Saturday, January 16, 2010

US foreign aid track record

One of my Facebook friends, Dan Sloan, posted the following yesterday:

The U.S. gives $0.18 per capita through BOTH government and private foreign aid annually. Norway gives $1.26, Denmark = $0.65, Sweden = $0.62, Netherlands $0.61, France $0.26, UK $0.25 and Canada $0.19. Sorry Rush. I think America can do better.

I definitely agree.


  1. Ellie ... I've just sent you a Facebook friend request ... :-)

    I'm embarassed to see here that Canada offers even less $ than the US for foreign aid ... !!

  2. Hi, Jaliya! Thanks for telling me about the Facebook request. I was just trying to figure out how I knew you (seeing only your other name!) when your comment came in.

    Actually, Canada gives one penny more per capita that the US. You give less than the UK.

    Even so....


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