Thursday, January 07, 2010

Yup. We're tired of it.

My dear friend Link sent me this cartoon. Mind you, we do get tornadoes here in Oklahoma if not hurricanes! Yes, we're ready for the snow to depart here in Tulsa. :-)

Actually, what I tend to say is, "At least we don't get earthquakes... at least we don't get earthquakes!"


  1. Today, flakes are coming down, an unusual sight, for sure. And, I'd like to content myself with that fact that we don't get earthquakes, but lately the New Madrid has rattled our cages--just a tiny bit. But, normally we don't get wildfires followed by mud slides. You take your blessings where you find them.

  2. Oh this would just be too easy to make a comment about our South Oz summers. Therefore, I won't!


    I'll see about sending some warmth your way, no worries mate.

  3. Too funny--and we're at freezing at noon today, BUT we DO get hurricanes!


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