Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just came across a very brief article by Jamie Lee Curtis over on Huffington Post on disaster preparedness that makes so much sense. Here's a little excerpt:

We cannot expect our government to help us individually in the first days after a crisis. The need is too much. Triage... Help the most needy. Rescuing where there is the greatest need. Chances are you, in your insular life will not be their priority so be your OWN. Go to the websites. Download the lists, basics, water, one gallon per PERSON per DAY and have at least a WEEK'S supply. FLASHLIGHTS, FOOD, PRESCRIPTIONS, GLASSES, HEALTH DOCUMENTS, SHOES and CLOTHES and a CROWBAR to help open doors that are affected when the lintel's sag. Do more than cross your fingers.

I actually had never thought of needing a crowbar.

Also, don't forget to prepare for your companion animals.

I also recommend that you read the comments to this article. There are a lot of other good points made there.
PS: Some years ago, I happened to find a book entitled Where There Is No Doctor at a used book store. I'm so glad I have it. In the event of a disaster, some of us will find ourselves needing to care for the injured even though we have no medical training. This book is an excellent reference sourse.

It wouldn't be a bad idea, come to think of it, if we all made an effort to take both CPR and a basic first aid course.

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  1. Also, never go into an attic to escape rising water during a flood without a sledge hammer and/or fire axe. If the water gets too high, you may have to exit out the top. Too many people found that out the hard way during Katrina.


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