Friday, October 20, 2006

Appalling cruelty

And poor sportsmanship as well.

So what do Dick Cheney and the King of Spain have in common? They both participate in "canned" hunts. Take a look:

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian region has ordered an inquiry into a report that hunt organizers, keen to make the King of Spain's chances of killing a bear easier, provided a tame one drunk on vodka, a regional spokesman said Thursday.

"The governor has ordered a working group set check the facts published in local press about the killing of the bear," said a spokesman for Vyacheslav Pozgalev, governor of the northwestern Vologda region.

National paper Kommersant carried a letter from Vologda's deputy chief of regional hunting resources management, Sergei Starostin, which accuses hunt organizers of plying a captive bear named "Mitrofan" with vodka-drenched honey and then forcing him from a cage to be shot by Spain's King Juan Carlos.

I know. There are much worse atrocities visited on animals than this. But the King sets an example and therefore ought to exemplify, if not compassion, at least honesty. Killing a tame animal that has been deliberately impaired is cheating, pure and simple.

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