Friday, October 20, 2006

Leaving the Republicans

Well, this is encouraging. I want to call your attention to a Washington Post article that was sent to me by Marilyn Bedford. It's entitled "Moderates in Kansas Decide They're Not in GOP Anymore". Here's part of what it says:

WICHITA -- Paul Morrison, a career prosecutor who specializes in putting killers behind bars, has the bulletproof résumé and the rugged looks of a law-and-order Republican, which is what he was until last year. That was when he announced he would run for attorney general -- as a Democrat.

He is now running neck-and-neck with Republican Phill Kline, an iconic social conservative who made headlines by seeking the names of abortion-clinic patients and vowing to defend science-teaching standards that challenge Darwinian evolution. What's more, Morrison is raising money faster than Kline and pulling more cash from Republicans than Democrats.

Nor is Morrison alone. In a state that voted nearly 2 to 1 for President Bush in 2004, nine former Republicans will be on the November ballot as Democrats. Among them is Mark Parkinson, a former chairman of the Kansas Republican Party, who changed parties to run for lieutenant governor with the popular Democratic governor, Kathleen Sebelius.

The former CHAIRMAN of the Kansas Republican Party became a Democrat? That's big, people. Here's what Parkinson said:

I'd reached a breaking point. I want to work on relevant issues and not on a lot of things that don't matter.


Marilyn says that her favorite part of the article is right here:

"These are people who felt banished," Sebelius said in an interview before crowing to Democratic campaign workers: "We have some remarkable conversions. My favorite kind of revival is going to a place where someone says, 'I've been a Republican all my life, and I've seen the light.' "

Let's hope a LOT more Republicans "see the light" before the 7th of November.

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