Sunday, October 29, 2006

Computer woes

Hi, friends. You're not going to believe what happened. Henry, one of my cats, was sitting on the keyboard of my computer when I got home from church today (that's what I get for not closing the laptop) and he obviously messed it up royally. It's totally frozen. Yes, I've re-booted. I've tried everything. I'm going to need to phone my computer guru in the morning and see what's what. Right now I'm at the computer in Cynthia's office but I won't be able to use that much so be patient. I'll get back to posting regularly when I have a reliable computer.

Ah, cats! Ya gotta love 'em.


  1. Grandmère Mimi8:09 PM

    MadPriest stuck it to you, Ellie, for blaming it on your cat. I hope you can get straightened out quickly.

  2. LOL! We solved that problem by giving one of our cats his own blog -- that keeps him pretty happy, and the other kitties are allowed guest blogging on his site.

    (OK, OK, we are seriously mentally deranged, but it works for us! ;)

  3. I truly do like your style, Suzer!

  4. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Awhile back I saw an ad for software that can tell if there's a cat on the keyboard and it shuts down the computer automatically. Humans don't usually press adjacent keys, and especially not the 10 or so that must have been under Henry's bottom. Sorry I don't remember the name. Cats! They might do anything at all! Hope your problem is easily solved. Sally Lloyd


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