Monday, October 23, 2006

The wave that is forming

I want to recommend an article called "How Close to Catastrophe?" from the New York Review of Books. I encourage you to click through and read the whole thing but what I really want you to see is this paragraph:

What's amazing is that even Al Gore's fine and frightening film An Inconvenient Truth now lags behind the scientific cutting edge on this issue -- the science is moving fast. It's true that the world is beginning slowly to awaken to the idea that global warming may be a real problem, and legislatures (though not ours) are starting to nibble at it. But very few understand with any real depth that a wave large enough to break civilization is forming, and that the only real question is whether we can do anything at all to weaken its force.

The article says that "teeming billions" will perish. I feel great anguish for the generation of children being born today. As many of you know, my eldest niece recently had her first child. What will that little girl inherit and how will she survive? It pains me to think what she will suffer.

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