Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What we're facing

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Please click through and read this simple but chilling article by Joyce Marcel entitled "Our Daily Lives Don't Amount to a Hill of Beans in the Face of Nuclear War". She is convinced, as I'm I, that Bush intends to use nuclear weapons against Iran. Here's part of what she has to say:

It's no secret [Bush] ordered the Eisenhower's fleet to sail.

It's no secret he badly wants to attack Iran.
It's no secret that he and Vice President Dick Cheney believe that the nuclear option is not only a viable one, but a desirable one.

It's no secret that the U.S. military is stretched beyond its limits in Iraq. Recruitment standards are being continually lowered to get more warm bodies into uniforms. Even if attacking Iran was rational, it would be impossible to put men and women on the ground without bringing back the draft.

Taking all these things together, it's not hard to visualize a nuclear attack on the good people of Iran.
Think about the possible results of dropping a few "tactical" nuclear bombs on Iran. Besides the cruelty of such an act, the horrific destruction to cities and towns, the burning, anguish and death we would bring to thousands - possibly millions - of people, the poisonous clouds of nuclear dust that would be released into the atmosphere to circle the earth, what else might happen?

Pakistan, India and Israel have nuclear weapons. Once the concept of MAD - mutual assured destruction, an idea which has kept the world from a nuclear holocaust for over 60 years - is demolished, what will keep other countries from using their nukes? India and Pakistan over Kashmir? North Korea, which has developed and is testing nuclear weapons while we've been busy destroying Iraq, on South Korea and Japan?

Europe would be horrified, traumatized. Asia would be repelled. The Arab world, which already loathes the United States, would rise up in howling violence. Terrorism would increase. Israel would be at risk. Chaos would rule the Middle East.

Why aren't we, as citizens of this country and this world, screaming for this to stop right now?

Maybe it's because we know we can't do anything to stop this attack. Millions of us - around the world - poured into the streets to stop Bush from attacking Iraq. He did it anyway.

It's hard not to be depressed about this. Still it's important that we know. I'm aware that some people deal with their sense of powerlessness about what's happening by tuning out the news - by just not knowing what's happening. But I would rather know. Somehow that gives me at least a way of preparing myself psychologically. I would rather know about the lead up than to be taken by surprise.

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  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I have discovered that I not only have a sense of powerlessness about all of this, but also a sense of inevitability about it. Our leaders have again and again raised the rallying cry of "they have weapons of mass destruction--we must stop them". Yet, the entire time we have also had weapons of mass destruction including the ultimate weapon, the nuclear bomb. We are also the only nation in history to utilize that ultimate weapon of mass destruction. As history does frequently repeat itself, it seems inevitable that we would again be the country to use the atomic bomb. It seems beyond shame that we may well be choosing to repeat history instead of learning from it.
    Carolyn L.


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