Thursday, October 26, 2006

Republican slime

Heck, and I feel like I'm insulting slime when I say that. They have, as the expression goes, sunk to new lows. I suppose we can expect more as we approach November 7. Take a look at these excerpts from an article entitled "Something smelly on our shoes":

Developments during the past few days conclusively prove that conservatism is the political equivalent of the foul residue an unhappy farmer has to scrape from his boot bottom after carelessly strolling through his cow pasture.

In Tennessee, where black senatorial candidate Harold Ford Jr. is locked in a close race with a Republican good old boy, Bob Corker, a not-so-subtle appeal to racism is featured in a GOP campaign ad being televised throughout the state. In it, a purposely floozified blonde woman exuding come-hither sexual allure is depicted as being excited about Ford attending a Playboy party with her.

It's such a shameless attempt at stirring old Southern prejudices that one can easily imagine long unused KKK garb being dusted off in more than a few closets after each viewing.

What could possibly be worse?

How about Rush Limbaugh claiming that Michael J. Fox fakes the dramatic physical impact of his Parkinson's disease?

After the afflicted actor appeared in an ad for the Missouri senatorial campaign, in which he supports the affirmative stem-cell research position of the Democratic candidate, the fatuous rightwing comedian used his widely syndicated radio show to ridiculously opine that Fox's onscreen involuntary jerking was "acting."

I saw both those ads. The one sliming Harold Ford was beyond despicable.

And here's another Republican trick that is completely beneath any decent person:

Topping both of these outrages, however, is the Bush administration's sudden cutting and running fromits familiar "stay the course" mantra regarding Iraq.

The two dudes and one gal at Air America's "Young Turks" early morning show recently pointed out that they'd found at least 13 instances where Dubya very emphatically used that phrase in connection with his stubbornly delusional Iraq policy.

We, of course, have all heard the words over and over again.

But then, in an in-your-face lie of staggering audacity, Bush was caught on tape saying stay the course "never was" his objective!


I saw that too. He said it triumphantly and with a straight face. Disgusting! They have no decency. They really have no decency at all.

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